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Staff Data

Edited Staff Data:
InformationDate Approved
Xavier Collin, member of staff of SAS Épinal was edited.21 March 2019
Givanildo Oliveira, member of staff of América Mineiro was edited.18 March 2019
Luis Fernando Suárez, member of staff of Junior FC was edited.17 March 2019
Giuseppe Galderisi, member of staff of AS Gubbio 1910 was edited.16 March 2019
Vincenzo Torrente, member of staff of Sicula Leonzio was edited.16 March 2019
Angelo Adamo Gregucci, member of staff of US Salernitana was edited.16 March 2019
Alberto Bollini, member of staff of Modena was edited.16 March 2019
Martin Vasquez, member of staff of Real Monarchs SLC was edited.16 March 2019