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Yong-Hyeon KWON

Player Fact File

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Full NameKwon Yong-Hyeon
Date of Birth23 October 1991
Korea Republic
Height (cm)170
Weight (kg)70
Hair ColourUnknown
Skin ColourUnknown
Facial HairUnknown
Squad NumberNot set

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Player Attributes

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Suwon FC Squad

#   Nat Player Pos Age Rt
-Henri ANIER
ANIER, Henri F(C)2878
-Hyuk-Jin KWON
KWON, Hyuk-Jin AM,F(RLC)3176
-Seung-Hyun LEE
LEE, Seung-Hyun M,AM(R)3480
-Dong-Chan KIM
KIM, Dong-Chan AM(C),F(RLC)3378
-Seung-Ryul LEE
LEE, Seung-Ryul AM(C),F(RLC)3080
-Ji-No YOO
YOO, Ji-No D,DM,M(R)2978
-Chang-Hoon KIM
KIM, Chang-Hoon D,DM,M(L)3275
-Soo-Hyun JEON
JEON, Soo-Hyun GK3377
-Jung-Heon HA
HA, Jung-Heon F(RLC)3276
-Min-Jae KIM
KIM, Min-Jae D,DM(L)3077
-Jae-Hoon AHN
AHN, Jae-Hoon D(C)3176
-Jae-Ahn LEE
LEE, Jae-Ahn F(RLC)3177
-Yong LEE
LEE, Yong D,DM(C)3075
-Ha-Ram LIM
LIM, Ha-Ram D(C)2875
-Jae-Woong KIM
KIM, Jae-Woong DM,M(C),AM(RLC)3177
-Jong-Gook KIM
KIM, Jong-Gook M(C)3077
8Jong-Won LEE
LEE, Jong-Won M(C),AM(RLC)3075
-Sung-Dong BAEK
BAEK, Sung-Dong AM(RLC)2878
-Gwang-Hoon LEE
LEE, Gwang-Hoon F(RLC)2575
-No Player Image
PARK, Chung-Hyo GK2975
-No Player Image
LEE, Hak-Min D,DM(RL)2873
-No Player Image
LIM, Chang-Gyun M,AM(C)2973
-Su-Young SONG
SONG, Su-Young AM(RL),F(RLC)2875
-No Player Image
YOO, Soo-Hyun M(C)3373
-No Player Image
MA, Sang-Hoon D(C)2872
-Sang-Wook LEE
LEE, Sang-Wook GK2972
-No Player Image
KIM, Byeom-Yong D,DM,M(RL)2977
-No Player Image
KWON, Yong-Hyeon DM,M,AM(C)2875
-No Player Image
LEE, In-Su GK2573
-No Player Image
PARK, Hyung-Soon GK3077
-No Player Image
KIM, Ji-Hoon GK2775
-No Player Image
LEE, Joon-Ho D,DM,M(L)3077
-No Player Image
SON, Si-Heon D(C)2775
-No Player Image
KIM, Seong-Hyun D(C)2372
-No Player Image
HWANG, Jae-Hoon M(C)2877
-No Player Image
BAE, Sin-Young M,AM(C)2777
-No Player Image
KIM, Hyuk-Jin M(C)2876
-No Player Image
CHOI, Myung-Hoon M(C)2675
7No Player Image
KIM, Byung-Oh F(C)3073
-No Player Image
JUNG, Min-Woo F(RLC)2676
-No Player Image
YOON, Tae-Su F(RLC)2670
-No Player Image
KIM, Boo-Gwan AM(RLC),F(RL)2976
-No Player Image
PARK, Se-Jin D(RC),DM,M(R)2375
-No Player Image
JANG, Seong-Jae M(C)2475
-No Player Image
LIM, Sung-Taek F(RLC)3175
-No Player Image
BAE, Shin-Young AM(RLC)2770
11No Player Image
-Byong-Jun AN
AN, Byong-Jun F(C)2976

Player Position

Position DescBox-To-Box Midfielder
Preferred FootRight

Player History

2018-07-26Suwon FC75
2018-03-10Gyeongnam FC75
2018-03-06Gyeongnam FC77

Player Reports

No known player reports for this player

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